Who We Are

How and Why it Started

Like many of you- our team has experienced the long hiring processes that consumed months and years of time for coveted positions. We all have been there- searching for resources and networks of other applicants on various forums, and countless hours researching what is next and what to expect.

The LEO Interview Coach himself is a second generation police officer with over a decade of law enforcement with a background in corrections. He holds an A.S, B.S, and M.S in Criminal Justice. In his pursuit of furthering his career in law enforcement he has successfully passed interviews for corrections, highway patrol, municipal police (x4), FBI Phase II, DEA, USSS, ATF, USMS (x3), and many specialties. He has never failed nor been advanced after completing an interview. Between military deployments and other life events, the pursuit for a federal position ended. As a LEO he also served as the interviewer of new applicants and specialties. As a Chief Petty Officer with Naval Special Warfare- he also has screened and interviewed hundreds of competitive candidates.

During these processes, the many applicants he encountered all expressed their concern and anxiety about interviews. Forums online weren’t helpful enough, and other coaching services had no real law enforcement experience. After coaching many applicants to successfully pass their interviews, it was realized a greater impact on the law enforcement community could be made. Agencies would be better served by ensuring the right applicants are prepared for these competitive processes. Therefore, a program was created based on proven principals which has led many applicants to succeed in these challenging pipelines in pursuit of their endeavors.

Who We Are Now

LEO Interview Coach developed a program founded by principals that have proven successful for himself and others he has coached. He then recruited and built a team encompassing decades of experience in municipal, state, and federal law enforcement- some are still active LEOs. The intent is to give the best candidates the ability to display their strengths to earn positions at their desired agency.

We now encompass a team of professionals each with experience sitting or chairing interview boards/panels/interviews, which is a requirement to be a team member. This diversity in professional backgrounds of our team builds our foundation among each other. We rely on our resources and networks to best address each applicant, their agency, and their goal. Which has increased the success of our program. We are proud to be apart of increasing the professionalism and readiness of law enforcement.

These processes can take up to four years, and life can change upon final offers. You must be ready to sell yourself and for many- capitalize on a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are here to help you succeed.