How It Works

This program is not designed to help just ANYONE successfully pass their interview and progress through an application process. It is specifically created to bring out the best candidates to enhance the professionalism of any department that the public expects, demands, and deserves. This was developed to ensure the very best applicants, those that deserve it the most, are identified and selected. See below on how our program can help you succeed.

Personal Coaching
  • The Personal Coaching: This will be conducted via video chat that is recorded and sent to you upon completion. During this session, we will learn more details about you, understand your strengths and areas for improvement. Assist you in capitalizing your strongpoints, and how to effectively communicate these skills and traits to an interview panel. Here you will learn the proven standard how to present yourself in a confident manner and demonstrate your capabilities as a professional. The sessions can be divided into shorter time periods.
  • The 30 Minute Review: This is best suited within three weeks of your interview date. This session re-establishes the foundation built in the personal coaching session. Addresses any area for improvements, and serves as a brief overview. Ultimately, this review will establish confidence and ensure the core principals of this program are clear and that you are ready to succeed in your upcoming interview.
  • One Hour Audio Recording: This is a recorded audio file sent to you that provides a brief highlight of the core standards of our program, discuss do’s and don’ts, details scenario based questions, and cover the “unknown” to establish expectations. This can give you the foundation to prepare without the personal one on one self-improvement.
  • Post Interview Debrief: Best conducted within two weeks after the interview. Simply serves as a follow up to address any concerns. Ensures you felt prepared, and the program executed its goal to improve your ability to present yourself, professional experience, skills, and capabilities. Please note- Do not violate any potential NDA or advisement to keep interview details to yourself to uphold the integrity of the process.
Professional Experience Display (PED)
  • Understanding PED is a very key principal to this program. You will be asked questions that display your leadership, organization skills, and other attributes. To be able to communicate your skillset in an effective and concise manner is critical to your success. Once the highlights of your professional experience are identified, we use our PED template to capture this information then coach you how to present it to your board/panel properly. This is the core to your success, and it will demand practice with many repetitions to successfully take advantage of this resource.
Situational Based Questions
  • Many applicants do not have previous law enforcement experience. It is challenging to be asked questions on how you would perform and make decisions as a law enforcement officer- normally presented with limited information. This topic is covered in depth to help you have an understanding how these questions are viewed from the role of the panel/board/interviewer, what are the expectations, how to approach these type of interview questions with confidence. Most importantly, you will learn how to take advantage of these questions. These questions include conflict resolution, integrity, de-escalation, and “shoot – don’t shoot” scenarios that can be intimidating- only to the unprepared.
Federal Resume and Background Information Templates
  • Federal Resume: Federal resumes have specific rules and instructions. Those requirements have evolved over the years, and have been confusing and burdensome. Many applicants have made minor mistakes, but those administrative errors can keep you from meeting the requirements to pursue the opportunity you seek. We have developed a template for you to follow that has been used in hundreds of applications with success.
  • Background Information: As you progress through the law enforcement hiring process- you will encounter various background packets. Federal agencies utilize E-Quip, while most state and local agencies have created their own. We have built an in depth packet that will cover 99 percent of information requested by your desired agency. It is important for a competitive applicant to understand this importance and be prepared to quickly submit the requested information. This will serve as a quick reference for you to complete the respective background information efficiently, and a quick turn around will display your seriousness and commitment to your decisionmakers.
Self-Directed Learning
  • This plan is to provide you with a clear understanding of managing expectations, identify and display your strengths, and build your confidence in yourself to succeed in the interview. The one hour audio recording will highlight all of the important areas of this process.
  • Professional Experience Display (PED): You will receive a template that will aid you in being able to clearly display your experience in a clear, concise, and confident manner. The material provided in this package will empower you to execute this yourself; however, this plan includes three reviews from our team to guide and improve the information. These reviews are sent by you to our team via email, and mostly will be responded by email. However, if it is complex- the reviews can be completed over the phone to ensure a clear explanation and understanding.
  • Proven Success: This plan was specifically designed to prepare individuals for success in the hiring process. It has been proven to be effective by those that have chosen this option. After much review- this is the most standardized resource to effectively prepare you to complete your application process without personal coaching.
  • Upgrade Availability: As you progress through this program, you may decide you want to add the personal coaching. This can be done by upgrading this plan to the other two programs at any time and the Self-Directed Plan will be fully credited toward the upgraded plan.
How to Book Your Appointment
  • Under the Contact Page there is a submission you can use to inquire on a flexible schedule. After you book your appointment, a Coach will reach out to you to schedule and coordinate a time to conduct the coaching session. We understand many applicants that contact us work various schedules, and work daytime, evenings, and overnight. We are mostly available from 0800 – 2100 hours Central Time. However, we can accommodate any schedule.
  • When you select the Premium or Standard Plan- there will be a special notes section. Be sure to list your primary and secondary dates and times of your availability. Once received- you will be contacted to confirm the time of your appointment. You will then receive your information to get started which includes instructions, PED Template, Federal Resume Template, Background Packet, and Audio Recording.

Premium Plan
  • – 2.5 Hours Coaching
  • – Unlimited PED Reviews
  • – 30 Minute Review
  • – 15 Minute Debrief
  • – Federal Resume Template
  • – Background Packet
  • – 50% Discount on Future Plans
Standard Plan
  • – 2 Hours Coaching
  • – 15 PED Reviews
  • 30 Minute Review
  • – 15 Minute Debrief
  • – Federal Resume Template
  • – Background Packet
  • – 25% Discount on Future Plans
Self – Directed Plan
  • – One hour Audio Recorded Coaching Overview
  • – PED Template & 3 Reviews
  • – Federal Resume Template
  • – Background Packet
  • – 10% Discount on Future Plans
Additional Hour of Coaching
  • – Add additional hour of coaching to any plan.
  • *Not Considered a Plan*

Our team is dedicated to the integrity and the professional advancement of law enforcement. Many of us have signed non-disclosure agreements, NDAs, regarding interview processes from various agencies. Absolutely none of the program material will violate existing NDAs. We will uphold and adhere to protocols to safeguard the hiring process.

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