Additional Hour of Coaching


  • One hour of coaching can be added to any Plan.  This allows a greater in-depth conversation to get you ready for your interview.
  • As stand alone plan, serves as an hour of consulting and coaching.



  • Add additional hour of coaching to any Plan:  Upon verification of previous purchase, or combined with a selected Plan- used to add 1 hour of personal coaching.
  • May also be standalone with only the personal data sheet available for download.
  • *Not Considered a Plan*  Not applicable for the percentage discount offered with other Plans.

Additional information

Refund Policy

Due to the immediate and instant availability to download the information and resource to help you succeed in your interview, all sales are final. This service is designed to provide instant assistance and grow your communication skills to interview. Additionally, if you fail to download it within seven days you also will not receive a refund. However, if you did not download the material within seven days and still want the resources, please email us and we will ensure you get the material.

Customer Satisfaction

LEO Interview Coach guarantees customer satisfaction. At any point if you are not satisfied with the service or quality of material, please contact us so we can make every effort to address the concern.


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